Why self-care?

Updated: Apr 5

I have an ambivalent relationship with self-care. I think that I wanted to start this new project to take responsibility for myself, to be accountable for myself. I am really awesome at self-sabotage, it comes naturally to me!! But I have realised that the main reason I fall so quickly into unhealthy patterns or behaviours is because of a lack of self-worth and self-value. For my entire life I have lived to get through the day. I have lived to meet other's expectations or what I projected as others expectations. So now, I am building the life I want to live. To be present. To unlearn thought processes and behaviours. To listen to my inner wisdom, and connect to the earth and people and truth. To build relationships with my little loves and my big loves. To continue to heal hurts. To grow, and to learn and to grow and to learn some more.

Self-care is essential.

When I eat well, am active, sleep well and drink water, I feel good within myself and clearer in my mind. When I pause, breath, sit or walk in nature, I feel good within myself and clearer in my mind. Self-care is by no means just about the physical. When we give our mind, heart and soul the space to feel, we encourage the natural flow on effect of creating behavioural patterns with love. It's a cycle of care that we deserve.

Self-care begins within us.

Having the ability to know my self-worth means I am able to listen to my self. What is it that my body, heart, mind or soul is telling me? When I truly listen, I am able to respond consciously. I open up space to make conscious decisions for my self, and build momentum for the life I want to live.

When I truly care for my self, there is a natural flow on effect that happens with connection.

I feel connected to my inner wisdom, my mind, my heart, my physical body, my space, my environment, my community, my earth... it all starts with caring for myself.

So, I guess this is a little reminder for myself to practice what I know... there is no wrong or right about how to do it, but I know what works well for me, and what feels nourishing for my mind, body & soul.

Reminder: I feel good when I practice self-care.

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