Cherish & Adore is more than gift boxing… I wanted to create a space that I can share my journey of learning and listening and connecting.  It is a space to support Australian made products, Australian owned businesses, Environmental organisations, and Social Enterprises.  It’s a space to hear people’s stories.  It’s a space to share stories. And it’s a space to show up for yourself… to make time for yourself. This project is so distant from what I previously did for work... and I am so grateful that 2020 gave me time to reflect on what had been, and allowed me to redirect my life.


Cherish & Adore curates gift boxes using products that are made with integrity, and packaging that is recycled, reused or upcycled as we are mindful of our ethical and environmental impact.  I believe there are always new ways to learn and old ways to unlearn which in turn will help us do better.

I encourage you to cherish & adore yourself this year... I sure will be doing the same. And that'll create a massive nurturing foundation for what is to come in this world. Wait and see......

warm hugs

Berni x




P.S. if you have any specific gifting needs or requests, please get in contact.